Volumetric letters for interior advertising

Volumetric letters for interior advertising are made of materials to which high demands are not made, such as for outdoor advertising. This, of course, is due to the fact that the volumetric letters in the interior are not affected by weather factors. So it should not be high humidity, large temperatures do not work in summer and low in winter. In general, voluminous letters in Kiev for outdoor advertising – are experiencing many factors associated with external influence.

Interior advertising in the form of volumetric letters is a field for creativity and an opportunity to surprise your customers and visitors.

Where is advertising used in the form of volumetric letters in the interior?

For example, when registering a reception. Very impressive is the reception in floristic design with voluminous letters and also with a backlit counter.

reception in floristic design with volumetric letters also with illumination by a countermeasure
Design and design of the reception desk, voluminous letters with backlight illumination and floristics
объемные буквы для интерьерной рекламы
Design and design of the reception desk, voluminous letters with backlight illumination and floristics

Also very effective and informative is the appearance of the entrance to the office, where it is necessary to place information about the department, it is possible to depict a logo and other additional information

three-dimensional letters from PVC and polystyrene
logo of the department
volumetric letters in interior advertising
logo of the department and information about it

Also in the interior of the store you need to place additional information. In this case, the most notable of all the options will be a variant with volumetric letters

volumetric letters for the store
volumetric letters for the store

Enough spectacularly look and wooden volumetric letters with backlighting kontrazhur.

wooden three-dimensional letters
three-dimensional letters of wood with backlighting

Also voluminous letters are often used for photo shoots, for weddings and anniversaries. Using voluminous letters of foam and wooden letters depict names, dates, or feelings and emotions.

Little else can you think of examples of the use of these simple and simultaneously spectacular decor elements for photo sessions, props for video shooting. In the form of volumetric letters, slogans are often written on various events. It is possible to make a logo using the technology of a volumetric letter. It can be illuminated internally and perform the role of the actual lightbox.

Volumetric letters for interior advertising
volume letter in the form of a lightbox with internal acrylic lighting and a metal case

Such bent and beautiful lines and shapes for volumetric letters, on the sides consist of a metal case, and a lid of acrylic, it is possible to create only on our machine – volumetric character constructor. Company Reklamayster is specialized in manufacturing volumetric letters from different materials. We are able and we offer both to advertising agencies, and to photo studios and various businesses production of volumetric letters of metal, copper and brass, production of three-dimensional letters from wood, and production of volumetric letters from plastic, PVC and acrylic.

We invite you leave your phone number, so that we can call you and to offer our services for the production of volumetric letters.

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Bulk letters with backlight

And about the illumination of voluminous letters. Large letters can be highlighted from the inside and out.

Those letters that are highlighted from the inside are executed as follows. The body of the letter is made of a curved metal profile. This is quite aesthetically pleasing and more or less easy to manufacture.

So, as at our disposal, in our production, there is a “Constructor of volumetric letters” – the manufacturing speed is very high. Compared with the industries that do not have such a designer (and in Ukraine this is almost all advertising and production companies) that bend the profile of each letter manually, we produce more accurately and quickly. After all, it controls the bending of the profile for the case of the letter – the program.

After the case of the letter is bent, we use the CNC router to cut out the “cover” for the same letter, according to the same drawings. And it is also produced with the help of the program accurately and quickly. The material from which the lid is made depends on the need. If you want the letter to be shine evenly – made of acrylic. The color, of course, depends on the project.

After checking the dimensions and how the cover “becomes” in the case, the backlight is applied. Most often these are LEDs. Light-emitting diodes consume little electricity, relatively little warm up the inner space of the letter, which means that they do not heat the metal and acrylic. This does not lead to large temperature expansion. The stability of the burning of light is also normal, there is no flicker. Therefore, we can say that the sign with volumetric letters with LED backlighting is the most optimal for today. Especially since the design of the signboard with volumetric letters is almost nothing technically and technologically unlimited.