Three-dimensional letters made of metal are highly durable and also have a distinct advantage – maintain the high status of the owner of such advertising signs . Besides , its main benefit is that they are not prone to temperature effects and not subject to deformation.

Three-dimensional letters of metal can be made from materials such as plastic , aluminum , brass or stainless steel. Each material has its undeniable merits . Thus , a literal construction with stainless steel very practical and reliable. Properties of stainless steel allow you to play with it form the most complex configuration . Thus , in the process, it is not subjected to deformation. Choice advertising signs using stainless steel letters are suitable in areas where exposure to high temperature is inevitable , because the letters are made of stainless steel capable of withstanding the high temperature , which is an important factor. Letters from this type of metal are suitable for large dimensional buildings. The placement of such advertisement on the office or shop of a small size will not look very harmonious. So if you stopped them on your choice, you should carefully consider the design , or is it better to seek the services of a professional designer who will develop the letters made of stainless steel, their style .

A separate item worth mentioning about these letters , which are made of brass. Due to the natural properties of this metal , their appearance can be very easily adapted to any style , for example , under the old . This is achieved in a simple way in which brass they age the natural method of oxidation or patina . When patinated brass honey acquires a greenish-brown hue , which is also achieved by oxidation under the influence of the environment . So , letters of brass , when necessary or at the request of the client , you can open the varnish. In the result of the varnish can get pretty interesting and original effects , the variety of which depends on the imagination of the designer and customer preference .

Regardless of letters of what metal you choose for making his advertising signs, whether letters of brass , stainless steel , copper or aluminum,  they usually equipped with illuminated , jespre to attract more attention both day and night . Their brightness and beauty will long linger in the memory of everyone who sees them, cause positive emotions, which undoubtedly will affect quality at the recognition of any company, shop, office , cafe, etc

So , if you refer to the services of our team of professionals , we not only try to translate into reality any of Your ideas for the production of advertising signs , but also make corrections(if necessary), will assist in the design, installation and maintenance of the advertising signs .

To date, the advertising of channel letters are not only the most expensive , but their effectiveness justifies its price. So , with their competent and caring service , a sign with three-dimensional letters can serve you for several decades , which allows us to recommend this type of advertising companies that know how to count money.

the this section presents examples of our work on the dimensional letters of metal, brass, copper