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About us – Advertising – Production Company “Reklamayster” – professional advertising creation

About us – Reklamayster agency, advertising and production company “Reklamayster” is a team with extensive experience in manufacturing all types of outdoor advertising, new advertising media, complex innovative solutions.

Our company has been in the advertising market since October 2001, and this is more than 16 years (that is, more than 6,000 days).

During this time, highly qualified employees of the Advertising Agency, masters of the advertising industry, performed more than 3000 orders, and these are three thousand satisfied customers.

Various objects of outdoor and interior advertising are installed throughout Ukraine. Our advertising company establishes complex objects of advertising in Kiev, in the Dnipro, in Kharkov, in Odessa, in Lviv. Develops and mounts advertising products “turnkey” in Kherson and Zaporozhye, in Mykolayiv and Krivoy Rog, in Poltava and Kiev. We design and create light and neon advertising for the whole of Ukraine and for Khmelnitsky, Ternopil, Belaya Tserkov, Cherkassy, Kremenchuk, Mariupol, Sumy and other cities.

Cooperating with the advertising company Reklamayster You will receive:

  • selection of effective type of advertising;
  • optimal choice of materials;
  • a combination of individual design and stereotypes of the target audience;
  • professional execution, warranty, service.

The main activities of advertising and production company Reklamayster:

  • complex design of objects;
  • development and manufacture of overburden;
  • manufacture of signage, in single and serial execution;
  • exclusive exhibition pavilions;
  • entrance groups, facades, visors, sheathing with composite and other materials;
  • advertising and information content of trade, office and academic premises;
  • retail store equipment;
  • design development of all levels of complexity;
  • all kinds of printing and souvenir products.

On our site you will find proposals for the creation of outdoor advertising, interior advertising products. We offer our services in the field of permits. At our disposal there are machines, machines and mechanisms that will help your advertising production. We sell machines and machines for advertising. And also we can buy and order fine souvenir products with your logos. Our advertising company offers services to create advertising printed products.

Reklamayster – a full range of advertising services

Generally Reklamayster – a full range of advertising services, is a great experience of previous work, constant study of new technologies in advertising, advanced equipment, and most importantly it’s pretty successful clients. Join them.

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Always your reliable advertising company.