Three-dimensional letters made of wood and other materials

Three-dimensional letters made of wood and other materials is one of the most popular specializations of the Advertising and Production Company “Reklamayster”. And that’s why it happened that we have the most modern equipment at our disposal – milling machines, grinding machines, and experienced and passionate employees, members of our team.

In previous articles, we described and showed how we create volumetric letters in general and involume letters from metal, brass, copper . We are also specialists in creating voluminous letters of acrylic and PVC . In this article, we give examples from our portfolio of creating and producing voluminous letters from wood and other materials. The gallery is shown below.

Making voluminous letters from a tree

The process of manufacturing voluminous letters from a tree begins, of course, with a project, creating a font that will be written with future letters. And, probably, in your organization the corporate style is already created. Then we make three-dimensional letters from the tree under it.

The next step is to select the texture of the tree from which these three-dimensional letters will be created. You need to choose the tone in which these advertising elements of the interior will look better. After all, the overall appearance should be harmonious, the interior and volumetric letters should be combined.

After that comes the moment of production: the purchase of the necessary materials, milling and processing, grinding and coating with paint and varnish materials in order to better display the texture of the material, emphasize the necessary features.

Why do I need to order three-dimensional letters from wood and other materials from Advertising

  • First, because we are professionals in this market – the market of advertising production!
  • Secondly, because in 16 years we have formed such a team, for which the result is important!
  • Thirdly, because more than 3,000 customers were satisfied with the results of our work. And this tradition is important for us to continue – to please our customers!
  • Because these customers recommend us to friends, which is very responsible!
We make your order from project to installation, that is “turnkey”. We have over 3000 satisfied customers and 16 years of experience in various orders on our account!

For today, advertising media from volumetric letters are effective and justify their price.

Portfolio on manufacturing of  three-dimensional letters made of wood and other materials

Below is a gallery of our works that have been done over the years. We will be happy to receive photos of your order! We will do everything for this!

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This section presents examples of our works (portfolio) on voluminous letters from wood and other materials