Outdoor advertising projects, obtaining permission

Outdoor advertising projects . To obtain a decision on the authorization of an advertising tool, you must create or order an outdoor advertising project , and this is stated in a separate paragraph in The procedure for granting permissions for external, outdoor advertising .

The advertising company is an advertising and production company with extensive experience in 16 years and more than 3,000 different orders. During this time we received a large number of permits for advertising media, a lot of work has been done in this direction, and a lot of experience has been gained.

According to the Order mentioned above, permission to advertise is issued after the following path is successfully passed :

The applicant or his authorized person submits an application to the city licensing center form (download) , to which are attached:

  • photo and computer layout of the place (no less than 6 x 9 centimeters in size), where the advertising medium is planned
  • Advertising sketch
  • a constructive solution (certified by signatures and a seal of the developer, which contains information about the main dimensions, attachment points, materials used, connection to engineering networks, other technical characteristics and compliance with the established requirements of DSTU, DBN, ESKD and other normative documents (A4 format) )
  • a duly certified copy of the developer’s license, confirming the right of the latter to provide services (work) for the right to design and design)
    a certified copy of the applicant’s state registration certificate as a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur

Permission to place external, outdoor advertising is granted only for one advertising medium (one object).

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