Thanks to the successful experience of such innovations as branded car advertising trailer , many organizations involved in the creation and placement of outdoor advertising , have followed suit . Advertising trailers and created with their help, unilateral or multilateral structure that can be transported across the city , gives a much larger number of potential customers learn about the company , which is depicted in them. Thus , it attracts more potential clients and customers.

Our company , as always , uses the most innovative processes in the advertising world , therefore, which year , successfully creates this kind of advertisements that can be seen on many trailers of cars in our city . To order promotional trailers and equip their car – a very wise decision each person engaged in the business , because this method of advertising allows you to attract more new customers and to increase awareness about their products and services .

Advertising trailers in our company , are created individually for each order , they fully comply with the requirements and wishes of our customers. If desired , advertising material , mounted on your trailer , can be replaced by any other more suitable. This is a convenient and flexible marketing gives you the opportunity to convey promotional information to potential clients with the least for customers losses. Using this type of advertising , you do not have anyone to bring or obtain permission from the owners of buildings which you would like to place their ads. Besides, do not need to pay a regular rent to the owners of the billboards , where you placed your advertising information . And imagine how much more people will see your advertisement !

the Types of mobile advertising trailers

Our company is engaged in the production of promotional trailers . This is the staffing for brandmobile .

That will be able to attract new customers , promote the brand as neither is constantly moving ?

Such trailers can be made individually according to Your designs and needs. They can be set to different layouts .

Recalling a successful project SMILE Smart agency company PROFI-branded cars ( Brentnall ) with advertising trailer cause only positive emotions that is integral to a positive image of Your product or service.

According to the company PROFI , advertising on brandmobile is a much convenient and flexible advertising communication that allows you to convey to the consumer the advertising message with minimal losses. And 91 % of consumers pay attention to such cars . Research of the company mentioned above, the use of such branded cars with advertising trailers = 165000 contacts a day.