Permission to install a sign in Kiev and the region

According to the legislation, a signboard is a design on which information about an enterprise, organization that is inside the building is placed. Located next to the entrance. It is executed both volumetric, and flat. The signs of the signs can be different. The signboard has the goal of providing both information and advertising. And in this article we will talk about permission to install a sign in Kiev and the region.

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Information plate and sign in what is the difference

A signboard is all the same advertising, but an informational tablet with advertising does not count. So what kind of information and where can I place it, that it would not be considered advertising and did not require the issuance of permission to place the advertising medium:

by placement:

  • on the inside of the showcase of your own or rented premises
  • on the external surface of the structure not higher than the ground floor
  • on the external surface of the building, on the floor where the room is located
  • near the entrance to the room

according to information:

  • information about the person and the profile of his activities
  • registered trademark for goods or services
  • working hours
Legislation on the issue of Signs and information plates
In accordance with Article 16 of the Law on Advertising in Kiev, The procedure for placing outdoor advertising in Kiev, approved by the order of the Kyiv City State Administration No. 1100 of August 23, 2007. The procedure regulates separately the placement of advertising structures and the placement of signboards or tablets.

In part 7 of clause 1.3 of the Procedure, signboard or plate – information on the registered name of the person, the signs for the goods and services belonging to that person, the profile of his activities (if this does not follow from the registered name of the person), about the time of work – placed on the inside surface (in the window) of his own or rented the face of the room, on the outer surface of the house or structure, not above the ground floor or on the floor where the own or rented room is located, near the entrance to such a premise.

Law on Advertising, Part 6 Article 9, defines the concept of signage or tablets. The law specifies that a signboard or a tablet with information on the registered name of the person, the signs for the goods and services belonging to that person, the type of his activity (if it does not follow from the registered name of the person), the work time, located on the internal surface of his own or for use the person of the room, on the outer surface of the house or structure, not above the ground floor or on the floor where the property is located or for the use of the person at the entrance to such a premise, is not considered an advertisement.

As can be seen from the above, the law does not say anything about information about the physical address, Internet site, e-mail and even about the phone numbers in it the same there is nothing.

Therefore, so that your sign does not fall under the category of “outdoor advertising” – do not need to specify other information, except that in part 6 of Art. 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Advertising”.

Otherwise, a sign with the indication of any information not specified above is considered an outdoor advertisement and requires the receipt of an appropriate permit.

Outdoor advertising – signboard, obtaining permission

The basis for advertising will be a permit to advertise, issued by the local government, that is, the Kiev City Council.

The city council of Kiev limited the placement of outdoor advertising. Kiev City Council approved the concept of outdoor advertising, which significantly limited the placement of outdoor advertising in the capital and banned advertising in the historic center of the capital.

According to the rules for the placement of outdoor advertising is prohibited to place advertising means:

  • on pedestrian and bicycle paths, alleys, distribution strips less than 2 m wide, closer than 10 m to crossroads and pedestrian crossings and stops;
  • closer than 20 m to traffic junctions;
  • closer than 50 m to railway crossings.

Also in the placement of advertising structures, a radial approach should be used with distances from 40 to 150 m, depending on the size of the structures: between the smallest formats, citylights, 40 meters, and so on, to 150 meters between large formats.

In the zero zone advertising is prohibited at all. These zones include not only the historical center of the city, but also transport interchanges, a number of parks, boulevards, etc.

You can check with us, at the advertising-production company Advertising, under what zone your accommodation gets and get free express-audit of the possibility of placing outdoor advertising for your conditions. Get competent advice. We professionally not only produce outdoor and interior advertising, but we also have a certificate for the preparation of structural solutions and professional experts competent in issuing permits for the placement of outdoor advertising.

Schemes for advertising in the city of Kiev, paid special attention to the safety of pedestrians and drivers – advertising structures should not impede pedestrian traffic and block traffic signs, be located in areas where traffic accidents are concentrated.

According to the rules, the elements of the objects of improvement, which are used as advertising media, are:

  • urn (the size of the advertising field is not more than 0.5 sq. m);
  • the bench (the size of the advertising field is not more than 0.5 sq. m.);
  • public lavatory (the size of the advertising field is more than 4.32 square meters);
  • dog washroom (the size of the advertising field is not more than 0.5 sq. m).

The main requirements for these elements: the advertisement should not interfere with the free movement of pedestrians. These elements of improvement can be established by operators of the advertising market.

An important requirement for a sign is that the area can not exceed 3 square meters for a non-historical area and up to 0.5 square meters for a historical area. Otherwise it is dismantled.

Of course, 0.5 meter square is often very small, and there is a way out of this situation – this volumetric letters.

Before installing the sign, you need to make a project for placing a sign – constructive solution, which will comply with the requirements of the Law and the Rules for Advertising in Kiev.

The project for placing the signboard needs to be coordinated in the KSCA. If the installation of the sign is planned within the historical center of Kiev, it is necessary to further coordinate it with the management of the protection of the historical environment and protection of cultural heritage sites.

Requirements for placing a signboard

That the sign does not have to be dismantled, first of all it should not cause negative emotions among citizens of Kiev and guests. Those. it should not offend neither national feelings nor feelings of dignity. Another important requirement is a harmonious appearance in the surrounding exterior and interior. The color scheme should not differ much from the environment. Of course, there are elements such as logo and corporate colors. But officials of the city of Kiev for the preservation of historical and architectural value require even from corporations and organizations with a world-wide name projects of signs that will fit and fit into the overall appearance of the facade of the house.

In the case of placing a sign on the facade of a building or structure, it is forbidden to damage architectural elements.

In case there are already many signboards on the facade of the building, city officials may also refuse to allow the signboard to be placed. This is an obvious argument not to delay with obtaining a permit.

The style of architecture and style of your signage should be one, they should look like a single image of the building.

Console constructions of advertising media that are placed on the facades of buildings are installed at a height of at least 2.5 meters, at the same level with other console signs and protrude from the wall no more than 1 meter.

As you know, the city of Kiev is divided into zones of historical area. That is why, when placing outdoor advertising in Kiev, advertising materials on the facades of buildings and structures within the territory of historic buildings are recommended to be made of natural or close to them materials (bronze, brass, ceramics, smalt, precious wood, stone, art and stained glass ).

It is necessary to develop the project – construction solution.

As mentioned above, even before installing a signboard or other outdoor advertising, the customer must receive constructive solution to place an advertising medium. Usually this work is carried out by a specialized enterprise or a certified specialist. In the company Reklamayster you can order this service. Our certified specialist will develop for you such a solution or control your accuracy and approve.

Permit documentation – the draft sign must contain:
  • The name, which indicates the name of the business entity and the location of the signboard;
  • Consent management architecture;
  • The consent of the management of the protection of the historical environment of Kiev (in case of accommodation in the historic part of the city)
Also the project should contain:
  • Color sketch (M 1: 5, M 1:10) with the main dimensions, drawings of the attachment points.
  • Samples of fonts by which the inscription and pictorial elements will be implemented.
  • Names of construction materials.
  • Visualization of the place where the construction will be placed.
  • Name of the person performing the project, his address, contact phone number; name of the customer’s organization; the date the project was completed.

Documents for the coordination of the signboard

In order to coordinate the draft of the sign, it is necessary to submit the following documents to the administration of the “Permit Office” of the KSCA:

  1. Statement addressed to the management architecture of the Department of Urban Development
    The project of a signboard with corresponding applications.
  2. Copy of the title deed or the right to use the premises where the enterprise operates. If there are several such owners and the sign spreads to their part, an agreement from these owners also.
  3. Extract from the USR on the business entity.
  4. If the sign is in a foreign language, you should also submit a certificate of trademark registration.
  5. If it is not, then the sign language can only be Ukrainian.

After submitting all the necessary documents, a meeting of the working group will be appointed.

The Working Group, after consideration of the submitted applications, may take one of the following decisions:

  1. coordinate the draft of the sign, in the absence of any comments to the project;
  2. with instructions for comments to direct the project for revision.

In the case of approval of the draft signage, it is sent to the CP “Administrative and Technical Management”, which is obliged to make information about it in the citywide register of signage. After entering information into the register, the enterprise receives a registered sign project in the permitting office and can proceed with its installation.

The information described above is only the tip of the iceberg, the great work that needs to be done to get permission for the sign and start paying the tax for it.

But this is the work without which there is no legal way to place outdoor advertising. Not everyone is ready to go this way alone, alone.

We are ready to help at any stage of issuing permits. For all questions of complex support of establishing a signboard, please contact the lawyers of the Advertising Agency. We are open to dialogue and even provide free consultations. Call or leave your number on the form and we will call you back.

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