Coordination of advertising city Kiev and the Kiev region

Advertising and production company “Reklamayster” offers its services on with Coordination of advertising city Kiev and the Kiev region.

We will professionally create a set of documents for your outdoor advertising, or check and evaluate the quality of your existing package of documents, correct and provide the full range of services necessary for obtaining a residence permit advertising and outdoor advertising .

What is included in the package of documents for obtaining permission and the necessary steps we have already listed in the previous paragraphs:

  1. Preparatory Actions
    • choice of design – choose a sign;
    • sketch creation – 2 copies
    • Binding to an accommodation object using a photo (an object with or without advertising)
    • constructive decision taking into account DBN (building norms)
    • Developer Certificate
  2. Applying to the CINP (administrative services center)
  3. The Office of Advertising reviews 5 working days (you need to monitor progress)
  4. Decision making 5 working days (also need to be monitored at this stage)
  5. Answer for 2 more days.

The company “Reklamayster” for more than 16 years has been helping to obtain advertising permits and is coordinating advertising in the city of Kiev and the Kiev region.

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