Eiffel Tower for rent

Our company offers “Eiffel Tower for rent” – this is one of the new and rapidly developing positions of the new direction of our company props for rent .

вежа в аренду 190x300 - Eiffel Tower for rent

The presented object of decor, props and romantic mood will be suitable for any event.

Harmoniously, the Eiffel Tower of the Advertising and Production Company Reklamayster will look at the corporate, and at the head of the exhibition, the conference, at the photo shoot and just at any event.

The height of the currently existing tower is 3 meters 85 centimeters. We are considering such an option that you can make an order for other sizes. We are quite ready to do this for you.

Such a tower, when using the built-in lighting, will perfectly complement the lighting  at your event. And then these photos, with your logo, slogan or trademark attached to it, will spread all over the Internet. Is not this the effect that you expect from your event?

And just take a picture next to the Eiffel Tower, or rather with its layout, of course, everyone wants. After all, this is an exact copy of the original tower in Paris. We even took a sample of paint on the original of the Eiffel Tower, in order to match the original color.

On our photos you can clearly see how to illuminate the tower and what kind of lighting it gives to surrounding objects.

Also in the photo you can imagine the size in height. For comparison, we photographed the average growth of a man.

Dimensions of the Eiffel Tower mock-up from the company Reklamayster

  • height – 3.85 meters
  • width – 1.58 meters (square)

Price of the Eiffel Tower for rent

We have a wide system of discounts and we are ready to discuss the conditions.

  • the rental price of the Eiffel Tower for rent for 1 day (day) – 5,2 thousand UAH. / day
  • the rental price of the Eiffel Tower for 2-3 days – 3,5 thousand UAH. / day
  • the rental price of the Eiffel Tower for 4-7 days 2,5 thousand UAH. / day

The cost of collateral is 120 thousand UAH.

The lease of our Eiffel Tower is a contract and insurance.