Articles made of brass, bronze and copper

Advertising and production company  “Reklamayster”, Kiev – offers you our   Articles of brass, bronze and copper . We make products from brass under the order both in a single copy, and serial production of the same model, a series. The whole point is that we have ready production at our disposal. We have a CNC milling machine for milling products from brass . We also have a laser cutting  and a bending machine, which we call constructor of volumetric letters . It helps to bend the material along a predetermined contour with digital accuracy.

Souvenirs made of brass, bronze or copper are qualitatively different from what material and from which producer will be used in the production of this product. Of course, recently, products from Indian material are in high demand. But in Ukraine the best quality products are from Italian brass.   What is qualitatively different is the result. Yes, simply because some products will have to be polished and cleaned more often from oxidation and plaque, while others do not require this almost completely. Because the composition of Italian brass allows it not to oxidize for a long time, and hardness such that when rubbing there are no traces left. Unlike other materials, such as Indian brass and brass from other manufacturers.   Of course, the price of Italian brass differs significantly from other manufacturers, but the result looks qualitative and expensive. Our company, with its own production, is ready to carry out almost any volume of brass, copper or bronze souvenir products, information plates, and whether there are many other products and for what purposes. We professionally develop all the drawings, we will analyze the location of the cutting tools, in order to maximize the optimal material costs for cutting. With us, you will receive quality at the best price . And one more fact – we are on the market outdoor advertising for more than 16 years, and therefore our reputation for us is very important. We are ready to fulfill any order, observing, at the same time reasonableness in the price . To order products made of brass, bronze, copper , you can contact us by phones that are listed in Contacts , or by clicking on the feedback button that appears when the site is downloaded.