Milling and engraving various materials

Milling and engraving various materials from the company Reklamayster. We offer cutting and milling services for various materials, except for ferrous metals. We also provide engraving services for various materials.

milling on wood 300x253 - Milling and engraving
Фрезеровка по дереву для оформления ресторана в стиле пивных баров

Company Reklamayster offers the following services:

  • Purchasing material for you (if necessary from your suppliers)
  • High quality messing;
  • Deliver ready-made products to you.

frezeruvannya ta graviruvannya 600x353 - Milling and engraving

What other milling and engraving services we offer:

  1. Cutting and shaping of sheet materials. Milling of an array of wood, plastic PVC, aluminum composite panels, plexiglas, aluminum, polycarbonate, chipboard, plywood, etc.
  2. Technological engraving of sheet materials. Milling of a sheet with special mills at a certain depth under an angle unit or a unit in a radius, engraving technological grooves for assembly without profiled designs of outdoor advertising.
  3. Plexiglass Engraving Creating a picture on Plexiglas.
  4. Engraving tablets and tags. Obtaining image on two-layer plastic (Graflux) and similar materials. The image is formed by removing a layer of a material of the same color by a engraver, under which a layer of a different color is visible.
  5. Shaped cutting (milling) plexiglass. Pearl slice cutter thickness up to 25 mm
  6. Wood engraving. Making drawings on wood for furniture manufacturing.
  7. Cutting Characters and Patterns in Sheet Materials
  8. Making tablets, tags, pointers
  9. Blanks for bulk banding
Thickness, mm
Material123456810121519 (20)253035404550
Cutting, UAH
Composite 17.617.617.6             
Acrylic, Polystyrene8.99.610.812.213.417.721.628.934.543.257.572.1     
PVC7.98.79.510.311.111.913.41517.5 27.630     
MDF     14.922.225.526.7 34.544.5     
Particleboard, Plywood     19.328.933.234.8 44.968.3     
Tree (oak, ash, alder, and others)       32 48648096112128145160
Monolithic Polycarbonate 11.713.515.416.218.12736         
Brass, Copper, Bronze6075110150170200230265         
Artificial marble, stone     36  72        
Composite, acrylic, PVC, wood, polycarbonate, stone, marble600 UAH /hour