the Advantages of lightboxes

Lightbox (Light box) is the most common form of outdoor advertising, are effective and relatively inexpensive. Lightboxes – the most informative advertising media, both day and night, and through the creation of any shape, configuration, and illumination, exercised either fluorescent lamps or incandescent low voltage light boxes efficiently allocated among all local advertising.
Lightboxes design represent the box. The most common variant, unilateral, simple shape, with one side printed advertising image. Otherwise, the boxes may have a curved contour to represent a volume panel in the form of various objects, have additional structural elements.

объёмные буквы с подсветкой, лайтбоксы
volumetric letters with illumination

Lightboxes can be made of metal or aluminium profile, powder painted. The front panel is made of polycarbonate, acrylic glass and is translucent. Lamps, lights and wiring are mounted on the rear panel. Lightboxes are lit from within. On the front of the box to apply a promotional image that is produced by printing or application of vinyl film. Light boxes may have different ways of fastening, the choice of which depends on the places where you will be placing this ad.

Lightboxes bright and visible outdoor advertising for a company which is particularly well seen in the evening and night. Thanks to the interior lighting, light boxes perfectly highlighted in the dark that attracts the attention of potential customers. Lightboxes are used in shopping malls, gas stations, trade and exhibition complexes, cultural and business centers. A professionally manufactured light boxes are characterized by long resistance to the environment, high resistance to impact, thermal effects, low weight, and good diffusion of light.

Every manufacturer is committed to the recognition and memorability of their brand and our technology and considerable experience will allow You to achieve at a high level.

Lightbox – really eye-catching outdoor advertising for Your business.

Price list for light Boxes:

1. single-sided lightbox m2  126 €
2. Bilateral lightbox m2  149 €
3. Panel-bracket m2  158 €


1. The present value calculated for a rectangular box of simple design, consisting of a metal frame, acrylic glass or polycarbonate, fluorescent light bulbs, galvanized iron.
2. Boxes with an area less than 1 m2 are calculated as 1 m2.
3. When calculating the cost of boxes of complex shape factor of 1.3 is applied.

Price list for non-illuminated signs:

1. Flat-sided sign m2 of 27.8 €
2. bilateral Flat sign m2 of 37.06 €
3. Volumetric one-way sign m2 51,88 €
4. Volume of bilateral sign m2 66,7 €
5. Panel-bracket m2 81,53 €

The cost Nesta signs of complex shape is calculated individually.
Installation work

The cost of installation work is 20% of the product cost, but not less of 37.06 €.
Installation work with the use of special equipment (hoist) – 22,24 €/hour , minimum 88,94 €.