Eiffel Tower for rent

Eiffel tower for rent – props for rent.
We offer the “Eiffel Tower to rent”, the requisite will create a romantic mood and is suitable for any event.
The height of the tower is 3 meters 85 centimeters. We also consider the option that you can make orders for other sizes. We are quite ready to do this for you.
photos, with your logo, slogan, or trademark affixed to it, will be distributed throughout the Internet. Is not this the effect you expect from your event?
And already to be photographed next to the Eiffel Tower, or rather with its layout, of course, everyone wants. Be certain.

lustri - Chandeliers and Floor Lamps

Chandeliers and Floor Lamps

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orgoviiizain e1608471060630 - Bar racks

Bar racks

Bar and restaurant racks, production and installation from advertising production company “Advertising”. Read more on the page.

поклейка оракала

Oracal film

Window dressing and office windows, shop, cafe Oracal film The gluing of the oracle into shop windows and glass stores is an outdoor advertisement, for which you practically will not Reading >>

Об'ємні букви з металу, латуні, міді VillaGalina. Объемные буквы из металла, латуни, меди

Three-dimensional letters of metal, brass, copper

Three-dimensional letters made of metal are highly durable and also have a distinct advantage – maintain the high status of the owner of such advertising signs . Besides , its main benefit is that they are not prone to temperature effects and are deformats

Виставкові та інформаційні стенди


If your organization participates in exhibitions at one time or on an ongoing basis , then you need exhibition equipment . It certainly is of great importance , because it is a place that will host your exhibition and the place where you will work directly at the exhibition. The importance of exhibition equipment is that it will depend on the result of your work