Volumetric Three-dimensional letters of metal, brass, copper

Volumetric Three-dimensional letters of metal, brass, copper are distinguished by high durability. They have such an advantage that it looks like something valuable, which highlights the high status of the owner of the advertising signboard. In addition, their undisputed advantage is that they do not lend themselves to temperature deformations.

Volumetric letters from metal can be made of different materials. It is aluminum, brass or stainless steel. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Three-dimensional letters from stainless steel

Structures of volumetric letters from stainless steel are very practical and reliable. Properties of stainless steel allow you to reproduce from it the forms of the most complex configuration. At the same time, during processing, the steel undergoes deformation, but does not break.

The choice of advertising signboard with the use of letters from stainless steel is suitable in those places where the influence of high temperatures is inevitable. Since letters from stainless steel are able to withstand high temperatures, which is an important factor.

Stainless steel letters look good on high and large buildings. Placement of this type of advertising medium in an office or a small store may not look very harmonious.

Therefore, if you opted for stainless steel letters, you should carefully consider the design of the signboard, or it is better to contact the services of a professional designer who will develop their style.

Large letters from brass

A separate point worth mentioning is the voluminous letters from brass. Thanks to the natural and natural properties of this metal, their appearance can be easily adapted to any stylist. Large letters from brass are very suitable for antiquity.

This is achieved in a simple way, in which brass is aged naturally by oxidation or patination.

When patinated, brass acquires an expensive, greenish-brown tint, which is also achieved by oxidation under the influence of the environment.

The letters of brass, if necessary or at the request of the client, can be varnished. As a result, the coating with varnish produces quite interesting and original effects, the variety of which depends on the imagination of the designer, the skill of the performer and the preferences of the customer.

Backlighting of volumetric letters of metals

Regardless of the letters of which metal you chose to make your advertising signboard, whether it’s letters made of brass, stainless steel, copper or aluminum, they are all usually backlit. The backlight helps to attract more attention to yourself both during the day and at night.

Brightness and beauty of letters from metal will remain in the memory of everyone who sees them for a long time, will cause positive emotions that will undoubtedly affect the brand recognition of any company, store, office, cafe and so on.

Why you need to order three-dimensional letters from metal, stainless steel and copper in the Advertising Machine

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To date, advertising media from volumetric letters are considered not only the most expensive, but their effectiveness justifies their price.

With their competent and careful service, a signboard with large letters can last several decades, which makes it possible to recommend this type of advertising to companies that can count money.

This section presents examples of our work on voluminous letters from metal, brass, copper.