Bar racks as an interior and decoration of a cafe, bar and restaurant

Bar racks as an interior and decoration of a cafe, bar and restaurant from the company Pitcher, which is engaged in outdoor and interior advertising.

The above is a gallery of our works that was made by our company “Reklamayster” from various customers for bars and restaurants.

The bar stand on the photo is decorated with wood, the backlight is made by LEDs. A simple enough option to create a bar counter. The materials are used in natural materials. Depending on the needs, they can be more expensive – for example, a tree of expensive rocks and a stone worktop.

IMG 00 - Bar racks

The production of bar racks requires the appropriate design of the wall in the bar and restaurant. The design of the rear wall in the bar, which is presented in the photo harmoniously continues the general style and interior of another bar.

This photo shows how the process of milling of a tree takes place to get an inscription on a wooden barrel that was an element in the design of the bar pillars and walls in the bar on the previous photo

To continue to describe this or that process of production of bar racks is useless. After all, each time – this is an individual work and each time our masters create a new masterpiece. Yes, a masterpiece, because we are very addictive to our business and strive for perfection in any work.

We have experience in the production of bar stools of the following types:

  • bars for bars
  • restaurant bar counters
  • kitchen bar counters
  • Wooden Bar Stands
  • Stainless steel bar racks
  • Old and modern
  • for interiors such as loft and retro interiors

orgoviiizain 420x320 - Bar racks

To order the production of bar stools, interior advertising , interior design for a cafe, bar or restaurant is only required in the Records. After all, our clients recommend their friends and you to us

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