Tableware for pizzerias, restaurants from a tree

Dishes for pizzerias, restaurants from a tree. Thanks to our own production, which has CNC milling and engraving and laser cutting, we produce various wooden products of the most complex configuration.

As you can see from the photos, in our gallery, the production is ready to make any items for pizzerias, cafes, restaurants. These items will be individual and exclusive. We work with any materials. We can make products from stainless steel, we can make products from brass. We professionally process a tree and create even lighting fixtures: chandeliers and floor lamps.

In our collection of exclusive interior products, there is even a mock-up of the Eiffel Tower, which we rent out for various events, conferences and simply celebrations.

Now, more about the inventory for pizzerias.

inventory for pizzerias 2 e1532077348937 300x300 - Tableware for pizzerias, restaurants from a tree
tableware for pizzerias – a pizza tray and a wood dispenser

Trays for pizza – usually wooden products of round or nearly circular shape. Wooden trays are made in order to be convenient to cut pizza and a special knife for pizza is not dull about metal trays.

inventory for pizzerias 1 e1532077367705 300x300 - Tableware for pizzerias, restaurants from a tree
tableware for pizzerias – dispenser for frazhe

Frager is originally the name of the manufacturer of silverware. Now often this term is used to refer to simply beautiful and expensive cutlery. A beautiful and expensive appliances should be properly served. For a beautiful serving of cutlery in pizzerias, a dispenser is often used.

Dispenser is a tray for feeding and storing cutlery: spoons, knives, forks.

On this page, of course, you do not see all the products for the pizzerias that we made during our creative journey. But we are ready to make custom-made dishes for pizzerias, cafes, restaurants. Also we will help in the manufacture of various interior items, decor and interior design.

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