Pasting cars

The design of Windows and facades magazinemagazine to overestimate the importance of the visual appearance of storefronts in the successful promotion of goods and services and business development. From a functional point of view, the role of shop Windows, stores is not only restricted to the kind of outdoor advertising.

The exterior and interior design showcase is an important means of market positioning of the brand and develop consumer needs are presented about the range and quality of goods and services. In addition, a properly decorated showcase helps to attract the potential customer, shaping the image of luxury, or Vice versa, the mass of the object of consumer interest. Moreover, advertisement of shop Windows and facade of the store serves as an indirect tool of pricing and formation of the General marketing policy of the company.Design showcase is a science and an art, which requires on the one hand impeccable artistic taste and refined artistic nature of designer, and on the other hand, a thorough knowledge of the most relevant and popular trends in technology and know-how. Overly says that our company fully meets these requirements. Taking orders for window dressing, we use the whole Arsenal of modern means of visual advertising: from the simple application of adhesive tape on glass, to showcase complex design elements using light advertising structures.

Manufacture and production

Our experts specializiruetsya in the development of “turnkey” all kinds of outdoor advertising. We will help You to formulate the priority of consumer policy, develop a design and bring to life Your most unusual wishes. In addition to the showcase, we are ready to create any means of external advertising, each of which will work for Your success, including decorative awnings, entrance canopies and canopies over Windows and doors, the design of the porch of the store, the fa?ade of the store.

Application and manufacturing of advertising on transport.

Advertising on cars

Currently, advertising on transport is a very effective way of conveying information about the offered services or products to a wide range of potential buyers. Each of us considerable time each day to spend on the street, going to work, visiting shops, spending their leisure time, and advertising on transport advertising on cars, which move before our eyes, attracts attention. If advertising on a car element carried out professionally and colorful, with knowledge of human psychology, the look of a man always follows this vivid way, remembering it. And when it comes time to buy something or need any service, there is no doubt that the person in the memory helpfully pop up advertising on transport, and that will determine his choice.
Advertising on transport has an emotional connection with information that evokes sympathy and draws attention. New brand becomes recognizable people immediately after were placed advertising on cars. This fact has long been studied by marketers, and has been successfully used in advertising campaigns, in combination with other promotional funds, and as a self-promotional move.

Banner printing

Our company carries out the manufacture and large format digital printing of banners, posters, firewalls, banners (banners).

The banner is reinforced with PVC fabric. They are both solid (such banner fabric is also used for the manufacture of awnings for cars, outdoor cafes and other structures) and mesh (to reduce weight and wind load of an advertising structure and 30-40% light transmission).

Firewall (firewall) originally meant a brick wall between the homes to prevent the spread of fire in case of fire. Now it also refers to an advertising structure, placed on the wall of the house, the main part of which is printed an image of large dimensions. The firewall can also be placed not only on a solid wall, but also on the scaffolding in case the construction or repair of buildings.

Padding (stretching) is placed above the roadway and is attached by cables to homes or poles. It must be remembered that excessive windage constriction and stretching of the large size, maybe in a strong wind to pull the fasteners or will cause the posts to “go” towards each other. For the manufacture of stretch marks it is advisable to take the cloth, as most of the easy stuff.

Printing of advertising banners occurs on vinyl (banner fabric PVC), banner mesh or paper. Stretch marks made by printing on fabric.

Handling of banners includes the installation of eyelets, sizing, and in the case of mounting on the tube – sizing of the pockets. Wall banners are made of metal frames.